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Elixir topic vs. Elixirsips topic

What the heck is the difference?

Elixir is an exciting, fast-evolving language. I started ElixirSips over 3 years ago and have enjoyed everything about the journey. I produced 280 episodes and over 40 hours of Elixir content! A deep content catalog is both an asset and a liability, though. As time passed, some of the episodes became outdated or
completely deprecated.

The ELIXIR topic is the best place to start for a newcomer to the language. I start with the basics and take you through the most updated versions of Elixir.

The ELIXIRSIPS topic is a collection of all of the old deprecated episodes. Better if you already know Elixir and are looking for a specific advanced problem. But know that the episodes are outdated and in old versions of Elixir.

Hope this clears that up!

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